Andrew Weltchek, Esq.



Andrew Weltchek, Esq.


Commercial Real Estate Attorney

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Cohen Hochman & Allen


Solving problems for NY property owners since 1992.

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Andrew Weltchek solves problems for his clients. He’s been doing it in New York City since 1992 when he left the Real Estate Finance Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s office to go into private practice. Mr. Weltchek is the firm’s complex commercial litigation partner and also assists clients with residential and commercial real estate transactions. He specializes in NY condominium and cooperative law as well as Americans with Disability Act defense cases.”If you own or lease property in New York City, you’re always dealing with problems. They come with the territory—problems negotiating contracts, understanding contracts, enforcing contracts, suing people, being sued by people, and avoiding suing or being sued.”When you have problems with your property in New York City, call Andrew Weltchek. He can help.