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Who We Are

BNI 53 is a weekly networking group with about 50 varied entrepreneurs and other professionals. After rigorous screening, each member occupies an exclusive seat for his or her profession. The seat then becomes closed to competitors, and other members are encouraged to refer business leads towards that member, when relevant.

In the spirit of BNI’s motto “Givers Gain,”  each of us become an effective part of one another’s’ sales force. Our refined and conscious lead generation reaches a collective rolodex. The power of expanding one’s reach to that many contacts – overnight – has been astounding to many of our members, and has often made the difference between stagnant sales and phenomenal success.

How Can You Visit

If you’re thinking of visiting, we would love to have you! We typically attract 5 – 15 visitors per week. We are a unique group and everyone who visits comments on our high energy, caring community, and promise it’ll be a fun, eye-opening, way to network.

If you’d like to attend any Tuesday, please fill out the BNI 53 Contact Form, and indicate your full name, profession, website URL (if any), email address, and leave a message. Please check the BNI 53 Events Calendar before or after holiday weekends: we take occasional breaks.

The Details

Due to the global pandemic, we are temporarily meeting every Tuesday at 7am on Zoom.

Click Here to get started with Zoom.

The meeting starts at 7:00 A.M. (sharp), and ends around 8:30 A.M.

What to Prepare

Prepare a 30 second commerical (65-70 words) telling us who you are; what you do; and who you are looking to meet.

Connect to Zoom using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.


  • Download and setup Zoom beforehand and test it out.
  • You must display your video to join our meeting.
  • Dress nice as if you were attending a work meeting.
  • Make sure you are in a well lit room with a simple background.

Want to Visit Us?

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